Emily Buckley

Owner & Stylist 



Hi, I'm Emily, but most everyone calls me Em! I’m the owner of Willow Salon.


I’ve loved doing hair ever since I was a kid, and It’s always been my dream to open a salon one day. After high school, I enrolled at the University of Arizona, but I quickly realized I wasn’t following my passion, so I made the decision to leave the U of A to attend the Aveda Institute. 


To me, hair has always been a passion and an art. In middle school, I started doing my friends' and family’s hair to practice all of the things that I had learned from hours of watching YouTube. From there, I was constantly emailing experienced stylists asking for advice, and picking their brains for every piece of useful knowledge that I could get. While attending school, I also took online classes from some of the top salons, and used these new techniques on anyone’s hair I could get my hands on. Because of my passion, and the help from others, I am able to open my very own salon at a young age, have a large clientele, and follow my dream! 


I love having a job where I can be creative, and make lots of friends! In addition to spending time at the salon, I am a professional napper, I LOVE pickles, and I love hanging out with my family, my husband Kyle, and our cutie dog, Frankie!