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Logan Peterson

Assistant & Stylist 

Hi there! I’m Logan Peterson, and I’m so happy to be at Willow Salon! 


I’m a wife, a mom of three, and so passionate about the hair industry! Doing hair is something I’ve always gravitated to…whether it was for the girls on my cheer team in high school, experimenting on myself, or even now when I get to do both of my daughters hair every day. I love it. It helps to channel my creativity and give me purpose! But what I love more than hair is meeting and connecting with so many amazing women. It’s inspiring! 


I am so excited to further my love, and borderline obsession, for this career at Willow Salon, surrounded by so many other talented artists. I can’t wait to meet the new beautiful faces soon to be in my chair, and so thankful for those who have supported and been with me on this journey so far! 


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